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OniDevelopersWindows, Mac OSBungie Software[Note 1]macOS (OS X)The Omni Group[Note 2]macOS (OS X)Feral Interactive[Note 3]PublishersWindowsMac (North America)Mac (RoW)Windows (Russia)Release datesWindowsJanuary 29, 2001Mac OS (Classic)January 29, 2001macOS (OS X)December 18, 2001[Note 4]macOS (OS X)April 5, 2011[Note 5]ReceptionMetacritic73IGDB70Oni Game For MacOni MaskAo Oni For Mac2Essential improvements3Game data4Video7Issues fixed8Other informationAo Oni Version: 1.

WindowedUse Anniversary Edition Borderless fullscreen windowedSee the glossary page for potential workarounds.

Upon entering the mansion you and your friends discover that the mansion is haunted by a mysterious creature named the Ao Oni (青鬼 in Japanese, literally.. 5MB Last 5000 friend visitors from all around the world come from Key points The Anniversary Edition mod fixes compatibility issues and allows modding.

Multi-monitor See Widescreen resolution Ultra-widescreen See Widescreen resolution.. net - The developer's siteRockstar's Official Oni pageBungiepedia - A wiki for everything Bungie-relatedOniGalore - A very detailed wiki for everything Oni-relatedOni.

Bungie org - One of the biggest Oni fan sites aroundOni Game For MacAvailability[edit]SourceDRMNotesKeysOSRetail A demo is availableEssential improvements[edit]Anniversary Edition[edit]A major mod framework and patch for Oni, it allows users to manage and create mods for Oni.. It can be found at http://wiki oni2 net/Anniversary_EditionGame data[edit]Configuration file(s) location[edit]SystemLocationWindows.. Anti-aliasing (AA)Supported by Intel Mac build In Windows, force through graphics card control panel.. Free to try The Omni Group Mac OS X 10 1/10 2 Version 1 36 Full Specs Download Now Secure Download.. 4K Ultra HD See Widescreen resolution Field of view (FOV)Can be altered in Developer Mode (see OniGalore for instructions).. 0 0 6 months ago Download (128 MB) The story about the boy named Hiroshi, who is trapped with his friends, investigating a deserted mansion that is rumored to be haunted.. /persist datVideo[edit]In-game options menu Graphics featureStateWSGFNotesWidescreen resolution See Widescreen resolution.. godgames oni plistSave game data location[edit]SystemLocationWindows persist datMac OS (Classic). 5ebbf469cd